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Dear Visitor,

Thank you very much for your kind interest in our website. Let us briefly introduce our company.

Liftunio Ltd. has been established originally for developing and producing elevator components. However, in 2001 we decided to expand our scope of activities and included manufacturing and servicing actual elevators, which has become our main activity since. Besides, we manufacture several kinds of push-buttons, displays, electronic components, sound signals and electronic devices.
Our main objective is to make our experience gained in Western Europe availabe at the Hungarian market burdened with multinational companies.

While flexibly adjusting to the individual claims of our customers, we provide professional assistance for them to find the most appropriate products or services in every respect, let them be either simple residential-house elevators or installations of a group of elevators in constructions of considerable size.
In each case we provide long-term guarantee and sensible, competitive price, and we never fail to take energy efficiency into consideration.

Please, browse our virtual catalogue in the pages of our website to get a comprehensive insight and information about our elevator installation activity and the products we manufacture.